Super Space 60000 BTU 4 Burner GrillThe Super Space 60000 BTU 4 Burner + Side Burner is a stainless steel gas BBQ grill with hood, great for cooking a variety of meals. Combining black and silver colours, the stylish grill features a cooking surface that measures approximately 660 square inches.

This surface is divided into 480 square inches of primary cooking space and a secondary swing away cooking area of 180 square inches. The main cooking area has four burners, each with a cooking power of 12000 BTUs.

The grill has a front spice rack which provides adequate space for holding spice jars and sauce bottles and weighs in at around 80 pounds and measures 52”L X 24.5”W X 46.5″H.



The Super Space 60000 BTU 4 Burner comes with Side Burner, as well as the following features:

  • An Electronic ignition system which offers high speed performance and better fuel economy than standard systems, making barbecuing easier.
  • Metallic side burners and shelves which provide extra working space for holding food during bulk grilling.
  • A temperature gauge located on the lidded burners to allow cooks to regulate the amount of heat required for each type of food.
  • Porcelain-coated grates for even heat distribution on the grill to ensure food cooks evenly.

Price: $268




The lid, handle and control panel of the Super Space 60000 BTU 4 Burner are made from stainless steel material which is durable and easy to maintain. Presence of two large wheels makes it easier to move the grill around, which is easy to assemble despite its many parts.

The grill does not come with a drip pan, utilizes propane which is considered to be more expensive than natural gas. However since the grill cooks faster, fuel costs are almost similar to natural gas.