Dyna-Glo DGB730SNB-D Dual Fuel Grill

Dyna-Glo-Dual-Fuel-2-Burner-GrillThe Dyna-Glo DGB730SNB-D Dual Fuel Grill is a pretty good product for the price you are paying and makes a valuable addition to your home. Now surprise your friends and family with this dual fuel grill that cooks on both gas and charcoal.

You can conveniently use gas for cooking while adding the flavour of charcoal to the food, which makes it a perfect BBQ. The large cooking surface is excellent for cooking more food at a time saving your time and money.

The burners are made from commercial grade stainless steel making it durable enough to last for years. The porcelain enamel coated cast iron grates cook the food faster and are easy to clean. What’s more, you can control the heat with the help of the adjustable charcoal tray system.

The stainless steel lids are double skinned for extra heat retention and both contain a thermometer for checking the grilling temperature separately.

Electronic ignition on the 2 burners ensure easy and quick lighting while the charcoal grill has an adjustable charcoal tray to raise or lower the charcoal for ultimate heat control of the grill.

One downside, as with any charcoal grill is the time taken to light the charcoal needs to be taken into account well before you want to start grilling. It is just not as quick and easy as hitting the electronic gas ignition, but you probably already know that.


The Duel Fuel Grill sits on top of a painted metal cabinet which has plenty of storage underneath and also some tool hooks on the shelf for those extra bits and pieces.

The grill is rather heavy so it would be a good idea to set it up near where the bbq will reside. It does have small wheels on the cabinet but these are, well, small so not ideal for constant movement.

The Dyna Glo Dual Fuel grill measures 68.5 inches long x 45.6 inches high and 28.7 inches wide.

While this is a sturdy grill, some customers have complained of damage to the unit when it has arrived. Whether this was caused at the factory or during shipping is hard to tell but most people that have bought the grill are happy with the construction.

Price: $469

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  • Large sturdy grill, with charcoal cooking as well.
  • Huge cooking surface of 952 square inches.
  • Adjustable height charcoal tray.
  • Quite a heavy grill, set it up where it will stay.
  • Small castors not ideal for mobility.
  • Some damage noted after delivery.
  • Assembly time is around 3 – 4 hours.